The VLT Test Lanes are designed for PTI (Periodic Technical Inspection) of large numbers of vehicles each day.

Why unique?
  • The VLT Integrated Vehicle Test Lane works fully paperless.
  • Has a Vehicle Tracking System, this means the System handles three or more Vehicles at the same time in one lane and keeps the data and results of each Vehicle separate.
  • VLT makes use of one Single Test Lane Computer per Test Lane.
  • Only one time Vehicle Data input, mostly only registration number is all you have to put in. The remaining data is retrieved from the Station Server Database.
  • Unknown New Vehicles of the Database can be easily created by Menu on the Entry Console and/or on Reception.
  • Pass or Fail decision is made by the Computer System, no human influence on vital inspections, like Brakes, Suspension, etc. etc.
  • Very easy RETEST facilities, the VLT System knows the FAIL items of the previous inspection and commands the Vehicle straight to the selected Equipment(s). Time saving for every one, Operator and Vehicle owner as well.
  • If Vehicle FAILS, a Full Test Report is printed out and gives the repair workshop all relevant information for repair and/or adjustment.
  • If Vehicle PASSES, a Vehicle Fitness Certificate can be printed, or if required a Window Sticker can be produced, or even your own special system can be adopted.
  • VLT Develops, configures, manufactures, installs and hands over the entire Vehicle Testing System more or less as Turn-Key, including User and Maintenance training by VLT’s own engineers, even All-In Maintenance and Repair over 5 to 10 years period can be contracted out to VLT.
  • VLT has its own Software Engineering Department for Machine controlling Embedded Software and its PC – Server application Software Development Department.
  • Special Above- and Undercarriage inspection systems are developed by VLT, using special Membrane keyboards and/or Touch Screen Monitors / Tablets.
  • VLT makes your own ideas work! You tell us what you want, we make it.
  • VLT Test Lanes are known for extreme low maintenance and repair cost, this results in high availability of your Test Lane to serve your customers.

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