dieselsmoke tester dieselsmoke cell
VLT 4590 MK2 diesel smoke tester VLT 4595 MK2 diesel smoke cell
Portable VLT Diesel Smoke Tester for Stand-alone use or as integrated part of Vehicle Test Lane.
VLT offer you with this new developed most advanced Diesel Engine Analyzer for Testing Commercial Vehicles, Buses as well Cars an Taxi’s. Make use of the latest digital proccesser technology to ensure that Smoke Emission Levels are measured quickly and accurately. We make use off well known High quality, aluminium 430 mm smoke cell for repeatability of measurements in combination with a minimum of maintenance.

Standard features:
Complies with the latest standards.
CE approved.
Quick and easy operation.
Test passengers cars – Taxi’s as well Commercial Vehicles and Buses.
Clear 6 digit LED display.
Integrated thermal printer.
Fast warm up with automatic zero and Weekly calibration check.

Technical specifications

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