load simulator classic load simulator lift system
Load Simulator classic way Load Simulator Lift System
VLT offers two different ways of load simulation:

- Pulling cylinders (classic way)
- Lift system

Classic way

A range of three different Axle Load Simulators is available from 4000 kg, 6000 kg and 10000 kg pulling force by two dual action hydraulic cylinders.
These three models can be offered with their own hydraulic pump or can be connected to our VLT 9054 PRC Play Detector pump unit, which has an extra valve set for connecting one of the Load Simulators.
Load adjustment through proportional pressure regulated valve.

Lift system

VLT has designed a special lifting device, installed under the roller sets, which gives the Roller Brake Tester all the flexibility you need.
A. Normal brake testing like a standard Roller Brake Tester.
B. Lifting one axle to increase the testing weight by factor 1 to 2 / 1 to 3.
C. Use as Axle Load Simulator by tying down the chassis by chain/belts and lifting the Lifting System by using the remote control of the Roller Brake Tester to predetermined axle weight. Lifting device is available with a standard hydraulic pump or with a high speed hydraulic pump, both with proportional valve system for accurate axle weight adjustment.
VLT supplies this lifting device in combination with our heavy duty models VLT 14/16/20033/M5P and VLT 14/16/20233/M5P.

Technical specifications

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